Thursday, July 3, 2014

Links I Liked

16 things to look for that could make a fortune
Maybe you should be selling that attic stash?

Making Half A Recipe
A super handy sheet that’s going up on my fridge!

Read What Else Hobby Lobby Forces on Employees
Everyone is familiar with the current Supreme Court case involving the craft store giant, but there are many things about Hobby Lobby that are not being covered by the mainstream media.

Calling Everyone to the Dinner Table
It is as if I can see a picture of a family dinner where the family sits down to eat but some of the chairs remain empty. The Father is delighted about His sons and daughters who are at the table with Him but there is still a yearning in His heart to see those who are no longer there to come back to their seat. The meal will not be complete without them.

Faith is More Than A Feeling
The engine of our lives shouldn't be our feelings; it should be our faith. The driving force, then, in all these situations isn't what you feel; it's what you believe.

What People Eat Around the World

Keep the Old
I loved Joni's post on the value (and fun) of having old friends.  And friends who are old.

So Mod
Hot pink floors! Turquoise walls!  Yellow drapes!  A man in an apron!

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