Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The slob

Happy Independence Day Week!  Do you have your flag up yet?  I remember as a kid always wishing we had a flag on the front of our house and now, only forty years later, we do!

There is also a large magnolia tree in our front yard.  Magnolias are one of the few evergreens with leaves and my husband likes it because it’s big and leafy all year round.  What he pretends not to notice is that these trees drop leaves like a shedding dog.  All. The. Time.  365 days a year.


Our front lawn is always a mess.

I hate messy.  I’ll choose dirty over messy any day. My people have put up with my nagging about messes all their lives.  Who needs a tree that makes a mess?

I do not like this tree.

But then this happens…


These blossoms are bigger than dinner plates!

And then, within 24 hours…


they turn brown and crispy…

and they’re done.

Falling to the grass below, joining the hundreds of heavy brown pods and huge leaves scattered all over the lawn. 

If someone would like to accidentally drive their car into our tree, I’m sure your insurance would cover the damage to the car and we could find a replacement for this untidy monster.  Do a girl a favor.  Please?

1 comment:

Tilly said...

This post made me chuckle, because I have been wanting to plant a Magnolia tree in my yard for the last several years...now I might need to rethink this:):)

Natalie O

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