Tuesday, November 4, 2014

On my nightstand

The Insanity of God
by Nik Ripken
This was an excellent book – one I didn’t want to put down.  The author (not his real name) and his wife spent six years doing relief work in Somalia, living there as Christians working for a secular organization.  The sheer magnitude of suffering and tragedy they faced left them wondering how (and even IF) God could work in such circumstances.  Out of their ‘crisis of faith’ they determined to find out how other Christians maintained hope in the midst of persecution and darkness.  The stories of their encounters with Christ-followers in countries closed to the Gospel were both eye-opening and encouraging.  So good and challenging.      

He Loves Me
by Wayne Jacobsen
This one came highly recommended to me by a friend and I love the subtitle: Learning to Live in the Father’s Love.  It addresses how so many of us can think, though often subconsciously – I got a raise: He loves me.  I lost my job: He loves me not.  I shared my faith: He loves me.  I let my anger take over: He loves me not.


The Color of Water
by James McBride
This is the true story by the son of a black minister and a woman who would not admit she was white.  He saw his mother as an embarrassment until he learned her story.

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