Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Adding to my general health and well-being, our #3 daughter is safely here after driving through the night from Montana. 

She and her dog Tala arrived at 2:00 this morning, a little shaken by the ice in the mountain passes.  Today we will start looking for studded snow tires (which she decided she didn’t have time to get before she left).

I love this girl.  I am SO glad she’s here, safe and sound.  Our other two won’t be with us this year on Thanksgiving… this is reality but I don’t have to like it.  Some things are just sad…

We’re looking forward to having EVERYONE here at Christmas. 

I am thankful… for a God who gives me lots of grace, patience and blessing.  For my family and friends.  For new mercies every single morning!

I hope you have a wonderful, THANKFUL weekend!

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