Monday, November 17, 2014



Thirty years ago today on a rainy Saturday, a wonderful and improbable covenant was made. The story began many years before that (11 to be exact) ~ it's not one anyone is going to make a movie about but it's a story I love.  On that day in November God sealed up something He had been planning long ago - which just goes to show that you can't out-plan God.  His ways are always SO much better than ours!

Today I give thanks for a loving husband, a wonderful father and grandpa, one of the kindest men I know, full of integrity.  We aren't two peas in a pod - more like salty and sweet.  I love that we are better together.


Happy Anniversary my love!  Here's to the next 30!  (Let's ask our kids to roll us down to the beach and prop us up on a piece of driftwood for our 60th, ok?)

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