Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'll apologize in advance

I haven't had anything to say. Rather than waiting until I get a FABULOUS idea for something deeply meaningful or hilariously funny, I'm just going to share what's rolling around in my head lately. A 'Brain Dump.' And I'm truly sorry that you're the dump-ee.

  • I'm getting ready to reupholster our dining room chairs that my beautiful friend Shawna gave us. (I say "I'm getting ready" but in reality, Jeff is helping me. I sound more industrious by saying "I'm" doing this or that.) The seats are white now, except not so much any more. I found a rich harvest gold fabric with a subtle stripe that I think will warm things up. I can cover all six chairs for $14 with half-off fabric from Joanne's. Before covering the seat pads we're going to spray the fabric with Scotch-Gard - smart, huh?

  • I want to move some dahlias in the yard. I know I should have done it in the late fall - is it too late now? I've already broken all the dahlia rules by not digging up the tubers and storing them inside over winter but they come up beautifully every year without doing that so I'm thinking it's okay to move them now. I hope so! I was just reminded here that I can also divide them - more dahlias!

  • Today I was sitting at a stop light when I looked in my rear view mirror and I'm pretty sure it was Zsa Zsa Gabor sitting in the car behind me. Either that or Lady G*g*. The only problem I'm having with that 'star' sighting is she was driving a Honda Civic. But she totally had the big blond hair with lots of red lipstick, gobs of jewelry and then suddenly, out of the driver's side window popped a white, sparkly long-gloved hand! I thought she was going to wave at me since I was staring at her but instead, she manually ootchied up her radio antennae. I guess either the Gabors are having some financial trouble or it wasn't her. Then I heard a horn honk and realized the light was green. Now I'll never know.

  • I miss these faces...

    • Beautiful sunshine today in Oregon! I choose not to notice how dirty the windows look when the sun shines through them but instead focus on how wonderful it feels. But really I will be planning when my husband will clean windows for me - soon!

    • It's hard to see your elderly parent slipping mentally.

    • Actually, it's hard to see yourself slipping mentally. I'm having some serious 'can't come up with the word' issues. Yikes.

    • I really like Sudoku. Maybe it will help me maintain my mental acuity.

    • I have a wonderful group of women in my bible study group. Young and old together is so good. We need each other! We have 2 grandmas, several 20-somethings and a teenager who just found out she's pregnant. God, what do You have in store for this crazy group of women who all want to learn how to believe You more?

    • We're having yogurt and granola for dinner. I'm not kidding.

    Check back often to find out the next exciting installment!

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    Jean A. said...

    Becky, Thanks for stopping by my blog again. I think we would be great friends if we lived closer! (I have 3 daughters & a son) The yogurt and granola for dinner, I'd be happy with that! (I am so over thinking up meals!)And that forget a word thing.. I've got that too! Were you born in the last 50s? Let's keep in touch! Blessings!

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