Thursday, February 18, 2010

Slip slidin' away

Where does the time go? How can it really be February almost-19th?

It's been a spectacularly beautiful month in Oregon - unlike so much of the U.S. The yard is full of crocus (the plural is either crocuses or croci but neither sound quite right to me) and these beauties...

Of course, we've been glued to the television to watch the Winter Olympic Games...

Can you believe Shaun White has his own personal half-pipe in Colorado? Is that somehow an unfair advantage? And can someone please help the male skaters with their outfits? Other than that, I'm loving the Games!

I have battled a terrific head cold. Ugh. I do not know if my nose will ever return to normal.

We had my sweet mother-in-law staying with us while she recuperates from her second hip replacement surgery. It was a complete joy to have her. Lord, may I please be half as gracious and happy as she is when I am her age? Whenever she's with us, I'm reminded of why my husband is the kind, all-around good man that he is.

(This is not my MIL. This is a model I paid to pose for my blog. And those are not my hardwood floors either.)

And I've been praying for these two precious little guys, who will soon be coming home to their forever family in Ohio...

I work for Adoption Ministry of YWAM Ethiopia and I happened to be in Ethiopia two years ago when they were brought to our orphanage director's house. I had just arrived there and was still trying to adjust to everything I was seeing - the thousands of people on the streets, the destitution, the many children who wandered alone through the city. Looking back, I think I was in a state of shock. The boys were dirty, hungry and listless. They'll now have a home with plenty to eat, tons of love and guidance and a future full of possibilities. I've had the privilege of meeting their forever family - a really delightful couple and their five children. How blessed I am to be a part of something so important and God-directed.

Jeff took this picture of a purple crocus in our front yard. It is AMAZING to me - the picture and the thought that went into the design of the flower! Lord, everything You've made tells about You - the faces of those You've put in my life, so many incredible flowers and trees, the changing seasons, even wind and rain. Power and strength. Detail and intricacy. Mystery and awe. Thank you for pointing me to You in everything You've created.

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