Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sidewalk Billboards

Do you have these people in your town?

Waving, pumping their fists and dancing like no one's watching?

These particular sign-wavers show up each year at tax time. But there are many others. Many, many others. People dressed as sub-sandwiches. As frightening cartoon characters. People doing the most amazing spins and flips with their signs!

One pizza-employed guy near us gets down on his cardboard electric guitar and he does a pretty good Steven Tyler impression. He looks happy.

But I always feel so badly for these folks. I would never want to have their job. The one I feel the sorriest for is the guy by the mall who's wearing a mattress. He looks mortified. I'm going to start waving to him instead of driving by and thinking, 'I'm just so sorry you have to do that.'
Do sign-wavers make a lot of money? I have no idea but I assume they don't.

I guess sign-waving must be a profitable form of advertising or we wouldn't see them everywhere. I just know I've never bought a mattress or even a pizza because of the cool guy dressed up outside.

I'll leave you with this video clip about a guy who wears a pickle costume for a living. He's actually got a pretty good outlook on his career!

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