Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The best part of waking up...

One of my most favorite things in life is shuffling out to the kitchen in the morning to find a full pot of hot coffee waiting for me!  And it's not F*lgers either, because I'm snobby like that.  I like to finely grind my own French Roast.  Here lately I've been mixing half decaf and half regular beans in an attempt to wean myself off of so much caffeine.  I do buy my beans at Winco and usually spend less than $5/lb.

A miracle happened about 20 years into our marriage when my husband finally saw the light and began enjoying coffee with me!  It made me so happy.

Then, on my 50th birthday, Jeff bought me an espresso machine and we began a tradition of having a latte at lunch.  In the summer, iced lattes are our little treat.  I have mine with a touch of Splenda and Jeff loves the flavored syrups - pumpkin, vanilla or a splash of chocolate syrup. 

Because I'm married to a great photographer, I can ask him to take all kinds of pics for my blog and he always obliges.  Thus, my new blog header!  I love it! 

Sure wish I could sit with you today and you could have a cup with me!!

1 comment:

renee said...

love the new header! and love you :)

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