Saturday, June 26, 2010

In the garden today...

Want to take a walk with me through the garden? 
Remember that I'm only letting you see what looks good. 
Cropping is a wonderful invention.

We have two blueberry bushes.  They are loaded with blueberries but the bushes are small. 

Snap peas...

Perfect for salads and stir fry!

Makes my mouth water!

This is our second year trying strawberries. 
These are small little things but they are the sweetest, most delicious berries ever.

We've been eating spinach for a couple of months -
lots of salads.

Last winter we dug up all the dahlia tubers that were planted in 'interesting' places in the yard, divided them and replanted them in clumps based on color.  Most came up and look beautiful!  I do love dahlias.
So do slugs.

I planted nasturtiums along a stone wall that doesn't get watered often - we'll see if they fill in a little more.  These are such happy flowers!

We planted these Cinderella pumpkins this month! A little late, I know, but remember it was Juneuary here in the northwest. Plus, I forgot I bought the seeds and found them in the back of the pencil drawer a couple weeks ago. They might make it! It could happen!  Though it looks like something's eating that one on top. Hmmmm...

Which brings me to the next few pictures...
I wouldn't be honest if I didn't show you these.

My beautiful pansies are sick. 
And I don't know what's wrong with them.
I'd planted bright blue and yellow pansies all around my hot pink geraniums and they are slowly shriveling, becoming covered with spots and dying.

Then there are my roses. 
All but one bush look pretty much like this.

"Blackspot. This fungus disease is most common in humid and rainy conditions. Once a plant is infected, the fungus will remain in the canes through the winter and reappear on the next season's growth. VERY common problem in
the Pacific Northwest."

I did spray them and fertilize with systemic fertilizer.

The plants look terrible.

But the roses are still beautiful!

Absolutely stunning handiwork! 

Are you like me and sometimes wonder how God could figure out a solution to a problem you have or a mess you're in?  
Take a look at that rose blossom and remember that the same God who thought that up and made it happen over and over and over again - but different every time - values you a million times more than He does a rose.  He's the One at work creating the outcome that is His very best for you. 

Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm.
Nothing is too hard for You!
Jer. 32:17

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