Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A House Full of Pink

It's been a rainy welcome to summer here in the NW.  To put it mildly

I've watched the back patio fill with rainwater most days.  Our yard is long and sloping so the water pools on the patio in a heavy downpour.  No real worries there. 

But my peonies are another story.  Those huge pink blossoms fill with water, turn brown and fall over, bending and breaking at the stems in what seems like such a cruel casualty of the weather.  Especially after I've carefully staked and fertilized them.  Especially because they are only in their glory for such a short time.  So...

I run out into the shower and quickly cut as many as I can.  I bring them in, shake out as much water as possible and fill every vase and bowl I can find.  My house is FULL of peonies!

What a gift!  I get to enjoy them up close and personal.  I have a fresh bunch in each of my girls' rooms for when they come home from college this week.  Whenever I look at those lacey petals, I'm reminded of God's incredible creativity, attention to detail and of how His creation testifies of who He is. 

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Kristen @ Moms Sharpening Moms said...

Beautiful flowers, and beautiful expression of God's truth through them!

Jennifer said...

Oh how I love peonies! Unfortunately I wasn't able to bring mine in before a storm took most of them out. Their fragrance is just amazing!! :)

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