Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bye Bye Birdies

I know I've kept you on the edge of your seat, wondering what happened to those birds??? 

Did they survive the monsoons and the fierce Oregon June storms? 

Were your girls able to get their money back for all the baby bird feeding equipment they bought? 


Well, things have been busy around here so I'm just now getting back to the final installment of this mini-series.  Thank you for hanging in there so long.  I know you're also watching 'America's Got Talent' so I appreciate your loyalty.

Our family has become pretty invested in this little family and we can relate on many levels to their story.

Here is what the babies looked like when the rain finally stopped and we could peek inside...

I think there were five all together.

Young birds sleep alot. 
So do college students home on summer vacation.

Awwww... widdle cute-ums.
Well, sorta.

Their nests are particularly gross. 
So can be the bedrooms of some college students home on summer vacation.

And then, one day, they leave the nest.

So do college students.
I sent one off to Canada this morning.
Sometimes, they leave behind a messy nest.

The dad watches over them as they go. 
He is pretty vigilant.
He has rearranged his whole schedule to be with those kids.
He's taken good care of them. 
Brought them what they need. 
Played Yahtzee and Phase 10. 
Gone on jogs and bike rides. 
Helped them pack. 
Prayed over them.

And the mom.  Look at her. 
Does she look kind of lost? 
She's always thinking about those kids. 

But I think these two are going to be okay.
They look pretty happy to me!

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