Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Do you like lists?

I know that some people hate them.  Who wants glaring reminders of what they haven't done?  Who wants to feel overwhelmed by looking at all those things to do?

I, on the other hand, love lists.

Lists motivate me.  When I see something in writing, it makes me want to get it done.  There is something so satisfying about crossing something off a list. 


I did it! 


But here lately, my lists are becoming really long.  I've taken to typing them so that I can group things into categories and feel less overwhelmed than when I have to look at my scribbled handwriting.  (Don't mock me.  I have many issues and this is one of the minor ones.)

I have a work list and a personal list.  Some things on my personal list have been there for a really long time.

But I have to say, looking at those things every day helps me to keep them a priority - at least they can't be forgotten that way.

I even write down things like "Plant tulips" and "Look for gray pants." 

I have prayer lists, holiday lists, camping lists, paint color lists and shopping lists.

I have a list of every book I've read since 1991.  The only thing that bothers me about that is why I didn't start sooner.  I love to look back on what I've read and when. 

Don't you do that too?

I think someone named 'Craig' has even made some money with this idea.  Right?

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Renee said...

I lOVE lists too! One of the things I like about them though is a little different. I feel like I've accomplished something by just writing the list! I feel relief to have it on paper and not in my head where it is sure to fall out. haha! Sometimes I even forget where the list is once I've written it because it's not about keeping the list but just getting it out of my head, ya know?
love you
love your blog
ps (pioneer woman made a list today! the day AFTER yours!)

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