Friday, October 8, 2010

Twelve hours later...

I work from home.  I love working from home.

I am actually doing much better at not coming to work in my pajamas!   Aren't you relieved?

But for a while now, I've known that I need more room. 

My office is located in my old bedroom in my parents' house. 

Close your eyes right now and picture yourself going to work in the bedroom you had growing up.  Go ahead - don't be afraid.  Mentally remove the rock 'n roll posters on the wall and the stuffed animals on your bed.  Now add some modern technology and an office chair... There you have it - my home office!

My dad made a built-in desk for me when I was in the third grade.  So when we moved into this house, it was the logical place to put an office.  Except that back in the day, when computers took up entire rooms, no one except Bill Gates ever imagined people would have computers in their homes.  So there was no such thing as a desk with places to thread cords, store computer towers or connect printers.  

Here is a grainy snapshot of my original little workspace:

Did you notice the authentic mid-century shelving?  Did you ever have that kind - with the metal brackets?  I used to put my statue horses on those shelves.

As you can see, I didn't have a lot of desktop space.  So we started looking for an L-shaped desk - but it had to be a really good price.  Craigslist had quite a few but they were either way too expensive or pretty icky.  I was hoping for a dark wood finish.  Then my husband (whose spiritual gift rare talent is finding good deals on great stuff) found a desk at one of the office stores where, when we applied a coupon and picked it up in the store, we spent less than $200.  Score!

However, if you don't like things like this:

then this kind of deal is not for you.  (I have to admit that I kind of like this sort of thing - I KNOW).  The instructions for assembling this desk are really most accurately described as a book.  But this book gave incredibly detailed and accurate steps which were very easy to follow.  It just took a long time! 

We persevered.  We handed each other things.  We bit our tongues so as not to bite each other.  We wore reading glasses so we were certain we didn't use part Q1 when we were supposed to use S7.  We took coffee breaks, lunch breaks, dinner breaks.  We helped each other up.  We watched a desk take shape from a box of rubble.

If you are a connoisseur of fine furniture, this desk is not for you.  Ethan Allen it is not.  But for me?  I just love it!  It's very sturdy, gives me all the room I need and I totally love how it looks.  We added a lateral file cabinet (another slash-reduced find of Jeff's) and I'm all set!

Stop by sometime and Have A Cup With Me!!


Anonymous said...

Becky LOVE the story and love the new office, how wonderful!! Enjoy and I would love to stop by for a cup sometime:)

Natalie O.

Marni G said...

I love it! Kevin just bought the same exact one for his office at church. He is very much like Jeff and HAD to put it together the same day which caused him to be home late. So instead, we joined him at the church while he finished and then headed to In-n-out for dinner :)

Hollie said...

Becky...I love it!!!!

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