Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You need it? I've probably got it!

As much as I really like the idea, I just can't seem to make the switch to a small purse.

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I know it would be much more comfortable to carry.
Better for my back.
Easier to find things.
Neater and sleeker.

But those teeny, flat little purses?
Really?  They're basically envelopes with a strap.
I could carry my driver's license, a small comb and one key.
Or a dollar bill, a photo of one of my daughters and a safety pin.

But what would I do if I needed, say, my hand cream? Or something to do while waiting for an appointment?

In my purse right now I carry:
  • two cell phones (one for work, one personal)
  • two bluetooth earpieces (if you call me and I'm yelling, it's because I've put the wrong device on my ear)
  • two calendars (I know - but I'm typically a few years behind the technology and I don't have a 'smart phone')
  • a half-million plastic cards (because every store has a membership card now)
  • too many keys
  • my scripture memory spiral
  • my iPod
  • two pairs of reading glasses (because if I leave one pair somewhere, which I may have done a time or sixty, I cannot be without an extra pair or I will be asking random people in a store how many ounces are in the detergent or what the price is on this pair of reading glasses - isn't that a scary mental picture?)
  • gum
  • Advil
  • nail clippers
  • hand lotion
  • Kleenex
  • lip gloss
  • bandaids
  • a Sudoku
  • 3 pens
  • a to-do list
  • a grocery list
  • a check register 
  • anti-bacterial wipes

Reading over that list makes me want to get one of those rolling backpacks. My kids would be so proud!

My daughter gave me a beautiful leather purse for Christmas which I love.  Then I bought one of these:

It fits around the inside of your purse and provides an alternative to digging through a mound of stuff to find your lip gloss. 

This is helping... a little.  But my purse still weighs more than a small watermelon.

However, I believe that I'm somehow called to carry this burden.  Because if I meet you somewhere and you happen to cut your finger on the edge of your teeny flat little shoulder bag, I will treat your wound - and I might even have some ointment!   

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