Monday, June 20, 2011

Compared to...

Do you work pretty hard at not comparing yourself with others?  At least I try to catch myself when I'm doing it... because to fall into that pit never ends up well. 

But there is some comparing that's good to do.  I read this today:

None can compare with You.
Psalm 40:5

No deeds can compare with Yours.
Psalm 86:8

For who can compare with the Lord? Who is like the Lord?
Psalm 89:6

It's actually a GREAT idea for me to compare things to my God.  When I read those verses, I know God says, "Go ahead and put anything you're worried about up next to Me and My promises to you.  See how big they seem in comparison to Me."

Is there anything I'm facing that's bigger than He is?

Do I have the one need that He can't meet?

Is there any problem that He's not capable of working out?

Not one.

I want to make this a habit - comparing stuff with my all-sufficient God.  He made it all.  He holds it all together.  He knows the end of the story.  He influences peoples' hearts. 

The stuff I'm worried about?  It fits in His hand.  It's under His authority!  It is subject to His plan.

I love that!

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