Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Amish Neighbor

My phone rang and it was my lovely next door neighbor.  She is a single mom raising two active and extremely polite junior high boys.  She told me she had an Amish bread starter and would I like some?

To be honest, I didn't.  But I LOVED that she wanted to share it with me!

A few minutes later, she knocked on my door and handed me a ziplock bag with what looked like pancake batter and a printed recipe for the bread.

I handed her a huge bunch of fresh cut peonies.

My house is full of these right now.  If I don't cut them, they fill with rain water and turn brown!
Because it's Juneuary here in Oregon.

I love having neighbors to share Amish bread starter and pink peonies with! 

If I don't use the starter, will I be killing something? 
You know, like breaking a chain letter? 
Or not forwarding the email about the 10 good things that will happen to you if you send it on to 10 of your friends?

Oh well.  I'm not Amish so I think I'm okay. 

But it's sitting on my counter as a reminder of how nice it is to have (and be) a good neighbor.

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