Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things to do

Did you think I went on vacation?

Or maybe you didn't even notice I haven't posted in a week. 

I've had a few things on my plate...
  • My husband got home from three weeks in Ethiopia on Friday.  I don't like to post on here that he's gone during his time away because, well, there are creepers who take advantage of all the personal information people advertise online about where they are or aren't.  I wasn't going to let the whole criminal world know that I was home alone in this big old house.  I had my hands full trying to make it look like there was lots of activity going on around here - even though I was alone inside the house talking to myself.
  • Jeff's homecoming has meant, among lots of other fun things, I've had a TON of work updating photos of the children in our orphanages, processing paperwork and sending out new photos to adopting families who are waiting for their court dates in Ethiopia - how much fun is that?  This is why I love my job!
  • We have a daughter graduating from college this weekend (can I get a WOO HOO?) and I had to find the cap and gown that we're recycling from our oldest's grad ceremony two years ago.  This is one benefit of having all three of your kids graduate from the same college.  I'm sure there's a savings there of approximately $60.  We do buy a new tassel for each one, however.  Because we're nice like that.
  • We also have a wedding coming up next month. 
    Next month!!  Ahhhhh.
  • Don't ask me why we're doing this now but we're painting our living/dining room, entry and hall.  (Oh, I know why - we got blinds for the windows in there which means spackling the holes where the curtain rods were which leads to the need for painting the entire room.)  So we're moving furniture, washing walls and will start taping soon.  (I say "we" in its most singular tense - as in "Jeff.") 
  • The yard is gushing weeds.  Is yours?  I could have a garden tour and showcase an incredible variety.  But the poppies (see photo above), iris and nasturtium are forcing their way up in between and putting on a lovely show.  All of my dahlias must have succombed to the record wet winter - not one came up this year.  Sniff.  I know that you're supposed to dig up the tubers each fall and store them safely in your basement where they won't rot.  I didn't. 

    I'll leave you with some shots of the dahlias last year and mercifully end this post about why I haven't blogged - because you were dying to know! 

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