Sunday, November 20, 2011

Such A Sunday!

Step outside my front door and this is what greets you:


Be glad -
rejoice forever in My creation!
Isaiah 65:18





And just think - these leaves are dying! 

Today, I did my Thanksgiving grocery shopping on my way home from church.  As I went into the store, I sensed God telling me to fill a few bags with groceries for our church Thanksgiving food drive (which I hadn't quite gotten around to doing yet).  When I came out of the store, the 'guts' to my car key were gone.  The key was split in two and the buttons to unlock the car were gone.   At first I imagined someone in the store reaching in my purse, getting my keys out of the pocket I keep them in, breaking open the key and stealing the insides, then carefully placing the keys back into the pocket of the purse.  Not likely. 

I searched in the store, up and down the parking aisle, under cars - nothing.  So, I loaded the car with my groceries and figured I'd have to replace the key guts at some exorbitant price. 

Then the car wouldn't start.  The engine turned over but wouldn't actually start.  It finally occurred to me that there must be some sort of security thing that won't allow the car to start without the chip thingy.  God?  Really?  I was just going to deliver the groceries back to the church!  (Like my incredible benevolence should make me immune from bothersome car issues!)

So I got to ride home in a tow truck, with all of my groceries - including the ones meant for the church Thanksgiving baskets - following behind in the dead car.  Today was the last day to bring in food to the church and Jeff is gone so no transportation.

There isn't any great ending here.  I didn't find the key parts.  I didn't get to deliver the groceries to the church.  But as I stood outside watching the guy un-attach my car from the tow truck, I looked up and down the street in front of my house and then ran inside to grab my camera.  I don't know if I would have noticed those five-pointed leaves otherwise.  I scooped up a basket full - not sure what I'll do with them or if they'll even retain their color but I hope they do!

There must be some other place I should deliver those groceries...

I've got some fun stuff to share later this week.  Stay tuned!


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