Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday musings

Here’s my bullet list on a cozy, rainy and dark day in early November…


Does anyone but me have issues with iT*nes?  It drives me to distraction how they don’t organize songs/albums and how difficult it is to try to do it yourself.  Can you tell I am not a M*c?

I’ve read that people download programs to do it (M*dia M*nkey is one) but why should you have to use another program??  I know this must be a result of my ignorance so if anyone has any suggestions for me, I’m teachable.   Solving this issue has been on my ‘to do’ list for months so today I will tackle it again. 

I know.  I have lofty goals.  


Natural CALM is not effective in preventing h*t fl*shes.  So what is??


Pinterest… I am one week in and I have some thoughts.  I must find out about all the other uses because I don’t need to feed the “I wants” any more than I already do, thankyouverymuch.  I know for me it’s a really cool recipe collector – I love having neat pics with my recipes.  I like the inspiration I find for decorating.  What do you use it for - besides drooling over stuff?


As I’ve said a few times before, our neighborhood is the best for taking Fall walks.  Jeff took the picture above earlier this week.  That bright blue p*rta-p*tty has been sitting on the curb for a long time and it sorta wrecks the view, doesn’t it?


I think God’s ideas for making things are awesome!


I’ve recently discovered (thanks to CentsationalGirl) that using Windows Live Writer makes writing blog posts a breeze!  Well, at least compared to composing them directly in Blogger.  From editing and sizing photos to using the fonts you want, this has cut in half the amount of time I spend.  Because I have two blogs (here is the other one I do for Adoption Ministry of YWAM: That We Might Be Adopted), this one tip has saved me tons of time and frustration!  I tell you, it’s changed my life.


I really want to get a few of these trees for our yard – Columnar Sugar Maples.  They are spectacular in the Fall!

This post by Boo Mama - Soup For You - made me feel better about my amazing lack of creativity when it comes to meal planning.  Apparently I am not alone.


Do you wonder why I put an asterisk in the middle of some words in my posts?  It’s because I read somewhere that it helps prevent unwanted traffic to your blog when people do searches for certain words.   It’s probably not even true but just in case there are rabid PC-haters who stumble onto my blog when they g**gle “iT*nes”, I am being true to my wary self - I have the gift of caution

Although now that I think about it, I wouldn’t mind attracting some sisters who can sympathize with my h*t fl*shes.


Don’t forget to Fall back tonight!   If you did, would you be late or early for church tomorrow?  I can never seem to keep that straight. 

Thanks for stopping by this strange little blog!



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