Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Hello dear blog readers of mine.  Your patience with my lack of posting is amazing.

I've been away for the last four days - helping to facilitate an International Adoption Training.  This is a weekend designed for couples who want to adopt an orphaned child.  Did you know that there's a LOT of preparation if you want to do something as radical as that?  The learning curve is straight up.  I talk to so many families each week, either before they bring their kids home or post-adoption, and I often wonder if you can ever be prepared enough for this lifelong commitment to a child's attachment and healing.

I just reread the paragraph above and I have to shake my head in amazement - never in a million years would I have guessed that God would give me this assignment.  I am a pastor's wife.  I get claustrophobic in airplanes.  I've never adopted or even thought about adopting.  Only God could have orchestrated this and only God is able to equip me to do this job.  It is a huge privilege and a responsibility that I take very seriously. 

What else have I been doing?  Hmmm...

I've been visiting my dad a bit more often as he's now letting me do his laundry for him.  He is 90 years old and it hurts his back to bend over the washer and dryer.  But until now, he refused to let me help. 

He's actually letting me do much more for him simply because he's realizing he can't.  This is a big deal for my stubbornly independent father.  BIG deal.  I guess this happens with age.  It's a bit surreal to help my dad with things like his checkbook and sock drawer.  You'd have to know him to appreciate how weird it is for me.  I am praying he will accept the reality of growing old and also our help.  In light of all this, I do keep thinking about Jeff and I - will we grow old with grace or insist on doing more than we should?  I'm realizing there is a fine line there and it's important to respect that when I'm trying to help my father.

I've been cleaning out cupboards and boxes - giving things to the Salvation Army.  (Because as you know, I owe them bigtime.) 

I've begun my Christmas shopping lists and I started some narcissus in a tall glass vase in hopes they'll be blooming right before Christmas.  The fragrance is amazing when they flower.  Planting them in a tall vase helps to hold them upright - the multiple blossoms make these stems top heavy!  It's not too late to start some yourself!  Most stores sell them now in 'kits' which include the planting medium.

What else?  My mom had a flowering cactus for years and years which I've kept.  I've dribbled a little water on it every now and then and by golly if it doesn't produce flowers every winter!  But they are pastel pink.  I so wish they were red.  And I so wish I weren't so anal about color coordinating.

I like this:

You can get it here.

I'm planning a sleepover for my two nieces so I've got to get a craft planned, figure out what to bake with them and stock up on Veggie Tales dvds.  I'll be wearing my Minnie Mouse apron that they bought me at Disneyland last year. 

We're going to have FUN!

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