Thursday, October 25, 2012

It IS a small world after all

My little Sitemeter gadget in the right hand column keeps track of how many people read this confused little blog.  As of today, there were 12,000 page 'hits', which is very funny (and SCARY) to me.  

I can also see where my blog readers are from... Oregon, Washington, California.  These are my friends who  I pay a small monthly stipend to.

Then there is also Vermont, Missouri, South Dakota and Pennsylvania.  These dear folks have somehow stumbled onto the blog via Pinterest or by googling 'pharisee.'

But what about New Zealand, Egypt or Brazil?   What?

I started in June of 2008 and I'm not exactly a daily blogger.  Or sometimes even weekly.  I've shared before how I've failed at doing any of the things you're supposed to do in order to have a 'successful' blog.  I rarely have anyone leave a comment - but then I don't often leave comments either!  I've just recently (with fear and trepidation) posted a few recipes on Pinterest that link back here.  I still feel incredibly vulnerable and often embarrassed putting myself out here on the web for all to see.

To be honest, I don't know why anyone reads it.  Mostly because I haven't exactly zeroed in on a purpose.

But I am so humbly glad that you do!

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