Monday, October 22, 2012

Need a suggestion?

Because I always appreciate a good book, movie or any other kind of recommendation from someone I trust, I thought I’d share.  (To be honest, I don’t know if you trust me or not.)



I got this at the library, as I do most of the books I read. Wonderstruck is written by the author of The Invention of Hugo Cabret (did you see the movie ‘Hugo’?  I loved it.)   It’s technically a children’s book written and beautifully illustrated by Brian Selznick, who won the Caldecott honor for Hugo Cabret.   It’s a thick book but that’s because of the more than 460 page of illustrations.  Those drawings tell half of this story without words.   Here is a short video of the author explaining the story:

Jesus- -Nothing
I’m also reading Jesus+Nothing=Everything by Tullian Tchividjian (Billy Graham’s grandson).  I like it so far – it seems to have a similar message as my favorite book – The Saving Life of Christ.  This message is being hammered home to me in my morning time in the Word as well:  with the Holy Spirit alive in me, I have everything I can ever need to live a full, fruitful, blessed, pleasing life for Him.  Apart from Him I come up completely empty, frustrated, falling into the same traps over and over.


foyles war 2

Foyle’s War – the PBS mystery/drama series set in 1940’s England during the second World War.  I love these characters, love the storyline, setting, cinematography and the historical perspective.  Here’s a summary I think describes it well:

Each episode of Foyle's War, created by Anthony Horowitz (Midsomer Murders), blends real-life war stories with tales of treachery and suspense. Whether investigating sabotage, looting, stolen food or fuel supplies, police brutality of conscientious objectors, treason, or murder, Foyle and his colleagues must wage their own personal war amidst the tumult of a larger one. But more than a period whodunnit, Foyle's War is redolent with rich human drama subtly revealed through the lives of these main characters who make up the heart of the series. Steadfast and loyal to each other, they strive to uphold the values for which they and their countrymen - their loved ones - are fighting and dying.

I only wish they had been more creative in titling the series – “Foyle’s War” doesn’t draw viewers to the great story.  When Jeff suggested it, I almost didn’t bother to check it out.  After you watch the first one (we watch on Netflix) you’re hooked!  They also have this series at the library – just FYI.

Listening to…

Hillsong Live – Cornerstone
Great worship on this album!

Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl
(I know you really didn’t need to know what I’m eating.)


Kidding!  I won’t ever do one of those blog posts showing you pictures of what I’m wearing today.  No one cares.

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