Saturday, October 27, 2012

From my sick bed

I’m not officially sick and I’m not in bed but I felt kind of icky all day yesterday so I stayed on the couch with a pillow and blanket, surrounded by my laptop, a book, a cup of tea and two strengths of reading glasses – one for normal and one for small print.  I alternately wrapped myself in fleece because I was freezing then threw off everything when my body temp suddenly skyrocketed.  This could be the flu or it could be hot flashes. 

In other breaking news…
  • It’s raining here in Oregon. (!)  Soon daylight saving time will end and it will get dark at 4:30 pm.  Candles will be burning around here and I may even break out the white lights for my three indoor fall trees.  I’m going for cozy.

  • These are new scents this year and I love them!
  • I’m working on introducing the Holy Spirit to my small group.  I know that if we can even begin to understand how incredible it is that God Himself lives in us, making all of His power and wisdom available to us whenever we need it, we will be changed women!
  • I pulled up most of my geraniums this week and planted purple winter pansies, flowering kale, and boxwood.   Many geraniums are still blooming, as are my impatiens – but not for long, I imagine. 

  • In Oregon we have mail-in ballots.  I’m with you – cannot wait for this election season to be DONE.
  • I’m reading a good book that I’ll share more about when I’m finished!  A true story from 1945.

  • I bought candy for the 31st that I don’t like.  Ours won’t be one of the ‘do not miss that house’ stops in the neighborhood.  I remember a house in this same neighborhood when I was little where the woman actually invited you inside to bob for apples – and we did it!  Creepy to think about now.  Creepier still to remember the many teeth-marks (not all mine) I discovered in the apple I brought home.

    Pasta e Fagioli (thecountrycook)
  • I’m in the midst of a soup adventure – trying at least one new recipe a week.  Last week was Pasta e Fagioli and boy was it good!  Really easy too.

  • Every year I think about how to make Christmas less about the stuff.   I love The Advent Conspiracy.  (Here is a cool advent calendar - you use your smartphone QR code reader to open each day of the month of December to get stories, pictures, videos and more.  Of course I can’t see any of these because I have a dumb phone but you can probably enjoy it!)  I know of children who have decided to give up all of their Christmas gifts in order to provide what kids across the world truly need and I am very convicted and impressed.  In our YWAM Gift Catalog there are lots of ideas for every budget!  100% of your donation goes to Ethiopia to make a huge difference in the life of a widow, orphan or struggling family. 

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