Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Off the top of my head

  • Have you noticed a new strategy being employed by door-to-door sales people?  Twice in the last month, we’ve had a knock on our door that sounded like
    tap tap taptap tap” 
    – you know, the way a family member might give a friendly greeting before they walk in.  If we don’t answer right away, they proceed to ring the doorbell several times in succession – another sign of someone who knows you, right?  I fell for it once and was surprised to see a guy on the porch selling windows.  Today it happened again – the happy knocking and the bell ringing.  I made myself wait to see who walked away and sure enough, two strangers who probably wanted me to buy steaks from their truck parked down the street.  I never buy anything from someone selling door-to-door and I almost never answer the door to sales people… unless they trick me into it.
  • We’ve had so much rain lately that the peonies are either rotting or laying on the ground.  I could almost cry.  I wait for these beauties all spring.  I did save quite a few, though.  I ran outside during a break in the clouds…

It’s hard to be a peony in Oregon.

  • One of my friends (who is in her late 70’s) and I were talking over lunch recently about perspective.  She whipped out a piece of paper from her purse and made a mark in the center with her pen. 
    She asked me, “What do you see?”
white paper
       ”A black dot.”
       Then she said, “Isn’t it interesting that nobody ever says ‘A white
       space’?  I am definitely one who sees the black dot in my
       circumstances and I want to start seeing the white spaces more.
       I pinned the slip of paper to my bulletin board to remind me.  
       Nothing quite like getting a slap upside the head from a good friend.

  • The older I get, the more I talk to myself when I’m alone.
    What happens when I start doing it when I’m not alone?  Help me.

  • It’s almost berry season… just FYI!

  • Posts written off the top of my head could use some inspiration... just FYI!

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