Wednesday, May 8, 2013

On my nightstand

I know I need to write something here because my last post has the word ‘Sunday’ in it, which makes it glaringly obvious that it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  A good blogger I am not.

I am a good reader and I just finished a couple of books…

Have you read this series?  This one, the third in the political thriller trilogy, came out recently and I’ve been on the library wait list until it came in for me this week.  It’s fiction but based on biblical prophecy.  Each of Rosenberg’s novels eerily match up with what’s happening in our world, though they were written prior to those events.  Start with the first in the series, though! 

This book won’t interest too many but I saw that this man lived through the period of Ethiopia’s history in the 1970’s and 80’s when civil war, famine and mass executions were widespread in that country.  {I remember first hearing of Ethiopia on TV when I was a teenager.   We often saw pictures of skin-and-bones children, covered in flies, with appeals to send relief money to help those starving people across the world.  I am really beyond amazed that God has called us to be working there.  It’s incredibly humbling and makes me know God is completely and wildly unpredictable!}  Our in-country staff have all lived through this tumultuous and dangerous period.  Although I still don’t understand all the factors that created that horrible situation, I learned a lot reading this book.

There are times when you really appreciate learning something.

Then there are times when you just want to be taken away.  So coming up next…

I read this description and thought it sounded just right:  “Miss Julia, a recently bereaved and newly wealthy widow, is only slightly bemused when a woman appears at her door with a youngster in tow and unceremoniously announces that the child is the son of Miss Julia's late husband. Suddenly, this longtime church member and pillar of her small Southern community finds herself in the center of an unseemly scandal - and the guardian of a wan nine-year-old whose mere presence turns her life upside down.  Fast-paced and charming, with a sure sense of comic drama, a cast of crazy characters, and a strong Southern cadence, Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind will delight readers from first page to last.”

No recommendation, though, until I’ve read it!

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