Monday, May 13, 2013

Phone Photos

Here is a very random assortment of pics found on my phone today, in no particular order, which tell the story of my life…

Have you seen these in the dollar bin at Tarjay?  They make great ‘props’ for a photographer in Ethiopia to use to get babies to look at him and smile for a picture instead of burst into tears because he has a strange white face!  They light up and blink when you shake them and they’re made of that squishy rubbery stuff that’s fun to play with.  I had a terrible time getting them all to light up at the same time for this picture.  As soon as three were blinking and I shook the fourth, one would stop or fall over.  It was like trying to get four kids to look at the camera and not tussle with each other!  Just look at those mischievous expressions.

This is an envelope stuffed with old tubes of paint.  I found it in a box of my mom’s art supplies.  It’s a perfect example of how utterly organized and funny my mom was.  But the question remains: why did she save the ones that wouldn’t open?

A favorite necklace my oldest gave me on another Mother’s Day.

A beautiful lattè.

These are some cinnamon buns we made with my nieces a few weeks ago.  And below is the art project we did… 3D handprints.  Very cool and super easy!  Directions here.


Snapped a photo to send to our youngest of one of our favorite games to play when she’s home, letting her know that we were missing her.  I think I just made her more homesick.

Taken at my friend’s cabin in Washington a few months ago.  Sigh.  Wish I was there right now, don’t you?

I hope you had a good Mother’s Day.  Mine was without any of my girls at home (boo hoo) but they each called and I got some sweet cards in the mail.  I don’t think there is anything I appreciate more than a note written by my kids.  We had Jeff’s mom over for a yummy dinner that Jeff made.  And he spoiled me with beautiful flowers and some bamboo boxes I’ve been wanting for organizing – so happy!

And there you have it.  My life.

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