Thursday, April 24, 2014

Barista Brawl

In case you haven’t made your travel plans yet, I’m here to remind you that this weekend is the annual US Coffee Championships in Seattle, WA.  Coffee is dear to my heart.


I haven’t ever attended the Coffee Championships but I’d love to one day.    They include a Barista championship, a Brewers Cup championship, a Latte Art championship, a Cup Tasters championship and a Roasters Choice championship.


This is serious business, folks.  To quote the good people at the US Coffee Championships:  “The champion is regarded almost as a cult figure.”  In the Barista  division, entrants are judged on presentation and showmanship as well as taste.


A few quotes from Baristas at the competition: 

“You’ll find with this coffee, every sip changes.” 

“Can you almost smell those burnt sugar aromatics?”

“The co2 that I’ve charged the strawberries with is releasing into the espresso.  Like, you can see it bubbling.”  

Last year’s winner

Nobody loves a good cup of coffee more than me.  I want to attend this event one day because I’d love someone to say to me “Please enjoy the full-bodied flavor of your first course and I’m going to prepare your cappuccino now.”

The winner of the US Championship goes on to compete in the World Barista championship which will be in Rimini, Italy.  I guess since I’m missing the one in Seattle, I’ll just go to that one.

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See you there?

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