Sunday, April 20, 2014

How to live because of Easter

So because Jesus took our punishment on the cross for us, paid what we owed with His blood and came out of that tomb alive, it means that we can boldly come right into God’s presence with complete freedom and confidence.

Our sin was like a thick curtain that separated us from Him.  A wall.  A barrier that we felt in millions of different ways.  But Christ's death created a new and life-giving way through it.  Now we have free, unlimited access into the Most Holy Place - right up close to the Father. 

And since we have Jesus, living today as the way to God and Master over all of us who receive His gift of grace, let's go right into God's presence with honesty and vulnerability, leaning our entire selves on Him, absolutely confident in His power and wisdom and goodness. 

For our once-guilty consciences have been washed clean with Christ’s blood - because it takes blood to erase sin.  Our lives have been cleansed and rearranged and changed so we have new priorities, new motives, a new purpose. Now we can be confident that we're presentable inside and out!

Let's keep a firm grip on His promises, letting His word fill our thoughts and shape our expectations, because God can be trusted to keep His promises – He is faithful! 

Let’s think of ways we can motivate each other to love people well. 

And let's not neglect meeting together, even though it's easier to stay home on Sunday morning or skip bible study or avoid those who bother us.  We need the friction and challenge and growth that relationships bring.  

We need to encourage each other, especially in the times we are in right now.   Because Jesus could be returning to take us home any time now!
                                                             based on Hebrews 10:19-25

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