Saturday, April 12, 2014

Digital Brag Book

Remember when women would pull a book like this out of their purse to show anyone who happened to slow down long enough?


Remember that you politely said how adorable her grandbabies were and told her they looked just like their parents? Well I am that grandma and this is my 2014 version. 

But really, have you EVER seen anything as precious as this? 


Of course I am married to a WONDERFUL photographer. 



Which means the Papa isn’t in many/any of the pictures.


Lisa is such a good mommy.


What a joy it is to watch your daughter with her own little girl. 
I catch myself goofy-grinning at them often!


And this?  I love how much Hadley’s aunties love her too.


We are all crazy over her.


Absorbed in her new book... who can resist a great story with mooing and woofing and fuzzy pictures?

Lisa and Hadley e

I’m always in awe of all the products and gadgets that we never had…
this squeezy stuff is genius!


A fun dinner out for Ray’s birthday!  He is in fire academy while working full time so time with him these days is rare.  We’re SO proud of him.


One of our three grand-dogs, Biscuit, who is growing exponentially every time we visit.  She is four months old and every inch a puppy.


Here are all three… because the brag book wouldn’t be complete without them!

Then there is the video!  Can you afford another 40 seconds?  You'll be rewarded with dimpled knuckles and some amazing teething biscuit-twirling skills!

Jeff and I ask each other, “Is it really just us or is she not the cutest thing ever?”


I want to be careful because everybody knows their grandbaby is the cutest.


And all the grandparents everywhere said “Amen.”

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