Monday, May 26, 2014


Surely it’s a sign that you’re enjoying yourself so much that you forget to take pictures to commemorate your fun, right?

Last week I got to have a little getaway with my two dear sister-friends at a beautiful lake cabin.  This was our view in the afternoon when the clouds cleared…

But I have no other pics to share!  We ate easy-to-heat meals and lounged in recliner couches and talked until late in the evenings.  It’s our time to catch up on all of our kids, reminisce about the days we were in college and eventually raising nine children (combined), discuss current culture, share prayer concerns and of course comment on the royal family.

I drove home on Saturday morning in time to greet two of my three girls who came to keep me company over the weekend.  Two plus one:


Oh how I LOVE this little sweetheart.  My photographer was out of the country and so that is my excuse for not having a whole bunch of pictures to share. 

Hadley played with plastic lids, spatula tops and an empty tissue box.  I truly felt like my mother and so wished she could have been with us. 

Here's so you can see her in all her adorableness…

Hope y’all had a great Memorial weekend!

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