Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tech No

Come with me back to a simpler time.  Before camera phones and Google anything. When the cloud was what you stared at on a lazy summer day.  When the only words you put “i” in front of were ‘glasses’ and ’Found It!’ 

Anybody remember these colored 45’s?
You got two songs and usually didn’t like the one of the flip side.
These cost right around 69¢ if I remember right.

Did you have one of these to put your records in?  I did.

We got a really long cord on one of these babies so you could take the phone from the kitchen into your bedroom down the hall and have a private conversation.  While you talked for hours to your girlfriend who you had just spent the whole day with, you tried to get the kinks out of the stretchy cord – remember that?

Did your mom keep one of these by the phone?
You slid the button to the right letter and when you hit the bar, the lid popped open – sometimes even to the right page!  I wore ours out playing with it.  It was SO COOL!

No high-priced driver’s education schools for us.   A whole classroom full of high school sophomores each sat at one of these simulators and were scored on how many times we failed to signal or how many pedestrians we hit.  If memory serves, there was a LOT of messing around in that class at school.  Check out the stick shift and clutch.

Forget about auto-correct.  You would wear a hole in your notebook paper with one of these ink erasers with the handy brush for that pesky eraser shrapnel.

images (1)
Recognize these?  They were the Beta version of earbuds… speakers you hooked on your car window at the drive-in movies!
I saw ‘It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World’ at my first one.

Our version of the iPod touch.  With a handy wrist strap.

Those days above are long ago but not forgotten!
Now I’m going out for a walk with my iPod and earbuds.  How did I do it without them?

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