Friday, May 16, 2014

Links I Liked

I’ll start off with this link about two of my favorite things (plus I really need to get rid of that picture of the polkadot foil wallpaper appearing at the top of my blog - this is soooo much better, yes?)…

Chocolate Filled Raspberries

Internet quizzes may collect more than your answers
Have you ever decided to find out what kind of house you are?  Or which Disney princess you most resemble?  Think again!

Everything We Think We Know About Marriage and Divorce is Wrong
Have you ever quoted the facts about the 50% divorce rate?  Have you ever lamented the fact that the divorce rate was the same in the church? Or that most marriages are just hanging in there, not vibrant and happy?  I also had no idea that every one of the statistics I was quoting were nowhere close to true!  

Church is For Messy People
We want to, at the least, look like we have it together. For the most part, we don’t go to church wearing yoga pants or sweatpants. We don’t roll out of bed and go straight to church.  I distinctly remember one Sunday when a man said to me something like, “When I look around, I see all these people who have their lives together. Meanwhile, my life is a mess.”

The Cheerleader
I’ve always called her the cheerleader. Because she was one once, in a pom poms and pyramids sense, but because she still is now, in a bible and faith sense. She is who I call when my faith is stretched. And every time I hang up the phone, I’ve been reminded of how big and how good and how strong my God is.  I spent these angry couple of days questioning why God would take those boys and why he would take the best cheerleader he had. Because who could still cheer for their God after this?

There is No Small Talk
Some days I’m all talked out and greedy with my attention. I slip in my ear plugs and sleep on the flight home. I get lost in a book or a slew of emails in need of replies. But on better days bigger things happen.

And I’ll end with this… showing clueless kids a relic from the past.  From my past!  Best quote:  "I feel like I'm Indiana Jones or something!"

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