Sunday, May 11, 2014

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20 and
20 and Something
This is a short little book that a friend asked me to read – I think because I have a group of twenty-something young women in my home twice a month and she knows I am trying to keep their world view in mind as I am studying God's word and sharing truth with them.  I found the book to be a little dry and too focused on statistics.  It does give a pretty accurate picture, as far as my experience tells me, of how this generation thinks and makes decisions.  Another book I enjoyed a little more that covers much of the same material is You Lost Me.

The Auschwitz Escape
I’ve read all of Rosenberg’s fiction and much of his non-fiction.  This, he says, is his first work of historical fiction.  I thought it was very good, though perhaps not quite as gripping as some of his previous series were.

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The House Girl
This is two stories woven together really well - one of an escaped slave set in the pre-Civil War South  and the other of a current day young lawyer looking for a plaintiff in a lawsuit seeking compensation for families of slaves.  I enjoyed the way the author told these stories simultaneously and the things I always learn when reading historical fiction.

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Footprints of a Pilgrim
After our trip to N. Carolina, I’m rereading the books I have by Ruth Graham.  They are mostly out of print now but some are available at your local library and you won’t regret getting them!  Mrs. Graham is extremely humorous and honest, which I love about her.  Can you imagine her life, raising those four kids pretty much by herself?  She chooses over and over to be firmly centered in Christ and she shares her feelings honestly in a way that makes you love her.  Lots and lots of wisdom here.

Lamb in Love
I am just getting ready to start this one, recommended by one of my favorite authors, Jan Karon.  I think it’s an awesome idea to find out what your favorite author likes to read, don't you?  Here's a short description of this story:  Lamb in Love is set in a rural English village the year of the Apollo moon landing and tells of two people surprised, halfway through their lives by...what? passion? desire? love? They haven't the experience to quite identify it. Norris and Vida have known each other forever. Neither has had any idea how to go about falling in love.
I can't wait to get started and I HOPE I'm not disappointed because it sounds wonderful and I'm so ready for a wonderful story!  

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