Tuesday, August 19, 2014

God was showing off all weekend

Ps8 HaveACupWithMe
God’s creative power shows up all around me, everyday.  It’s in every sunrise.  It’s in the purple weed-flower poking up through a crack in the driveway.  It’s in the glimpse I get of my husband’s profile that makes me catch my breath to realize what God has done for me in my marriage. 

But sometimes when I get away from my ‘normal’ He overwhelms me. 

We were at the beach this last weekend and clouds were in the forecast.  That’s completely normal for the Oregon coast and it didn’t bother me one bit since our temps have been stuck in the 90’s for much of August.  It doesn’t matter that it’s cloudy if you’re at the ocean. 

But we had sunshine and blue skies every day!  We spent three nights sharing a cabin - The Glory Be - with our old friends.  We laughed, we ate, we did a jigsaw puzzle, we walked on the beach, we read, we reminisced, we shopped, we drank coffee, we told stories on each other, we played Zilch.  At night we made a campfire on the beach and made s’mores.

The darker it got, the more stars appeared in the heavens above us until there were a gazillion points of light.  The Milky Way washed across the sky from one end to the other.  It was absolutely stunning.  I don't have a picture but even if I did, it wouldn't do justice to what we witnessed as we tipped back in our chairs with our chins in the air and our mouths open. Sydney brought her guitar and we sang to the Creator under that incredible canopy of light.

It’s falling from the clouds, a strange and lovely sound
I hear it in the thunder and the rain
It’s ringing in the skies like cannons in the night
The music of the universe plays

Singing You are holy, great and mighty
The moon and the stars declare who You are
I’m so unworthy but still You love me
Forever my heart will sing of how great You are

Beautiful and free, the song of galaxies
Reaching far beyond the Milky Way
Let’s join in with the sound, come on let’s sing it out
As the music of the universe plays

All glory and power is Yours, Amen!
~Phil Wickham

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