Saturday, August 30, 2014

Links I Liked

How Your Biggest Questions Can Save Your Faith
“Mom?” she asks. “Why would God think it’s OK to kill Goliath? Isn’t all murder wrong?”

Going Back to School: The 1970s vs Today
If you could have been one of the kids in that picture, you might laugh with me at this one.  (There is some language in this post.)

23 Things You Need to Know About Oregon Before You Move There
#4 It rains but not as much as you think.

Sexuality and Christian Hope
Maybe the best message I’ve heard on this topic.  Listen online or download to listen later!
Christianity presents a revolutionary view of sex, singleness, and marriage that rejects both traditional and modern conceptions of the purpose of sex.

Soap Under the Sheets for Restless Legs
Have you heard of this?  I know people who swear it works for them.  I am a skeptic.

Long lost photos show what hasn't changed about motherhood in 50 years
The 83-year-old photographer found a box titled "Mothers," filled with beautiful images of women and their children.

More and better words for difficult kids
The biggest impression on children isn’t made by income, nutrition, or quality of education – as researchers had predicted. The most profound effect on a child’s development is made by words. The words of parents.Could this be applied to difficult people?

Tired of this song yet?  Made me laugh...

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