Monday, August 4, 2014

Phone photos

Sometimes the photos on your phone can tell a story in themselves.

Or write a blog post for you.

Here are a few of mine in no particular order.  Except, first things first…

Aren’t binky smiles just adorable?  Along with arm and leg rolls, navy stripes and babies who can crawl but not run away (yet).  This was an impromptu picnic Lisa and Hadley met me for one day after working up in Puyallup.  SO FUN!

I took a photo of Biscuit’s paw because, well, look at it!  She is still growing into her feet.
She is enormous but her size is no indication of her maturity level.  She is all puppy.

This was a fun working weekend at our friends’ cabin – the boys put some steps into a grassy slope leading to the back door.  These dudes worked hard and us girls cooked their supper.  And dreamed about a jubilee trip to take to celebrate 40 years of friendship!

A wonderful Mother’s Day surprise – our youngest appeared unexpectedly on the front porch with a bouquet of lilies.  Best Mother’s Day in a long time!

Of course she brought her dog, Tala, and a foster dog, Moose.  Always an extra dog in tow.

Notice the deck surface, stripped of stain?  So that’s been another project for Jeff this summer.

All that’s left are the top railings!  It’s been very warm here the last several weeks (90°+) so this has meant a race against the sun before it starts shining on the deck.

Plus our front door is now looking clean and shiny and new, thanks to my detail-oriented husband.  If left to me, I would have painted it right where it hangs.  But not Jeff.  He carefully covered the doorway with plastic, took the door off the hinges and laid it on saw-horses, removed the hardware, taped and primed it like you're supposed to do THEN painted it black.  I’m so glad he’s not like me.  Most of the time.

I am loving the new dinner plate dahlias this year and love them in the house especially.

And lots of fruit!  Oh the joys of summer.  These are blackberries Jeff picked along a bike path.  They are crammed into our refrigerator with watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, grapes, cherries, and…

really sweet tomatoes from the garden.  These are eaten daily on sandwiches, in salads and just popped in your mouth for a burst of sweetness. 

The cherry tomato plant is thriving.

The heirloom?  Not so much.  I have no idea what’s wrong with it either.  Same basic location.  Same water and fertilizer.  It’s actually still producing fruit so I shouldn’t worry but boy does it look terrible.  No visible bugs or mildew.  Anyone?

These monsters have to be 9’ tall.  I’ve never grown sunflowers before and they are fun to watch.  But do you have to stake them?  Because this is happening…

Some are growing sideways then up.  Did I overcrowd them?  Should I have built supports?
What is the proper sunflower etiquette?

The last pic was taken a week ago at our Adoption Ministry of YWAM family picnic.  I love it because Jeff is showing a little boy - who he has taken many pictures of at our orphanage in Ethiopia - how to use his camera.  The joy of seeing this bright and happy guy with his sister, also adopted from Ethiopia through YWAM, is truly overwhelming.  I love God’s goodness in staging a photo op like this! 

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