Thursday, August 28, 2014

Our birthday girl

Today is the day, just one year ago, that this little rascal came into the world...

We celebrated her birthday a bit early this month so that her auntie who has now moved to Montana could be at her party.  On that beautiful Sunday morning in Seattle, we started off the day at church where Hadley was dedicated to God.  She wore a fluffy pink dress and some sweet gold sandals…

The birthday girl had just woken up from a nap here so her cheeks are still rosy and her eyes a bit glazed from sleep!  I ask you... is that a cherub or what?

Proud Mommy and Daddy
Do you see that little dimple on the right cheek of both daddy and daughter?

I love this picture because it captures Biscuit's typical expression…
Why is everyone always fussing over this baby?  What about ME?
Biscuit is always right in the middle of everything, hoping against hope that someone will pay more attention to her.  (Don't worry, she gets LOTS of attention!)

So glad Nana (great-grandma) got to come with us!

I am not sure about this hat thing.

But THAT sure looks good! 

I always love to dig through a good handbag and now I have one of my very own!

This new book is enthralling!  These words are fascinating!

You might think I am sweetly kissing this new dolly but you would be wrong. 
I am trying to bite off the headband.

Spanning four generations

Haddykins is getting ready to walk any day now!  She loves to stand up and pound on anything flat.  Boxes make excellent drums and she is pretty proud of her percussion skills!

I’ll finish up with my favorite shot of the day…

When your tutu rides up and exposes your diaper, the chubby rolls on your legs divert attention.  Oh my heart!


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