Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A snowy weekend

Planned a year ago, we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend than the one we just spent in Leavenworth, WA with our {old} friends Mark and Liane, Brian and Karen.  (Well, to be perfectly honest, I would have asked for a weekend without a wheelchair.  I didn’t even want to go because of that stupid thing and the attention it would draw and the extra work it would mean for everyone but God clearly showed me how self-absorbed I was over the whole decision  - so we went.  And I am so glad we did.)  I didn't realize how much I needed this weekend with folks who know us and love us and who we know and love so much.


We’ve all been to Leavenworth together several times - the last time was two years ago in January 2013 (I wrote about it here).  The above photo looks almost identical to one Jeff took then but our temps that weekend were in the 20’s and this time it was much warmer. 

We had what was for me a white-knuckled drive over the mountains to get there (jack-knifed trucks and several cars sliding off the road kind of white knuckles) but once we got there safely, it was just beautiful.  Fairy-tale beautiful. 


We ventured out for dinner to a wonderful Italian restaurant recommended by some friends and it did not disappoint.  I was chauffeured right up to the sidewalk out front and my faithful husband (who is earning his certification for handicap assistance with a minor in servant leadership) wheeled me through the snow, up the ramp and into the garlic-y atmosphere of old Italy.  We sat amidst white twinkling lights and ate sausage Mostacciolli al Forno, Ravioli and meatballs, and Linguini and clams.

We slept under a fluffy down comforter in our wheelchair-accessible room with the wide doorways, raised toilet and a roll-in shower (don't ask).

Here is the owner of the Inn where we stay, playing his alpenhorn at breakfast the next morning. See what I mean about 'fairytale?'


But wait!  That doesn’t look like a felt alpine hat.  Let’s zoom in just a bit…


Ahhh, a true Seahawks fan wearing his totem pole hat!  Actually, the dining room was FULL of people sporting Seahawks gear – grandmas, grandpas, moms and dads, kids and babies – most everyone wore something Seahawks.  The entire state of Washington is completely obsessed with the Super Bowl champs and their road to a repeat.

(I don’t really know how it happened but now I am a fan too.  I watch NFL games if the Hawks are playing.  I read the sports page to find out how Richard Sherman’s elbow is.  I check ESPN to see if Marshawn is going to be fined and hope that he is.  I print the tv game schedule and put it up on my refrigerator.  I’m Facebook friends with my favorite quarterback Russell Wilson and use the Seahawks logo as my profile pic.  Anyone who knows me would never associate any of those things with me.  I don’t even know who I am any more.)

So after a late breakfast buffet at our hotel, the six of us headed back to Brian and Karen’s room where we (and by ‘we’ I mean everyone except me) moved furniture, brought in extra chairs and set up our own game-day snack table.  We had to win this game against the Packers to have another shot at the Super Bowl in two weeks.  (If you are an NFL fan you don’t need me to explain that but I’m trying to be sensitive to any of you football novices.) 

For three quarters and most of the fourth, it was an awful game.  The team we’ve watched for the last several seasons just could not seem to play their game.  We were all just sick (though somehow we managed to make a pretty good dent in our chips and popcorn).  Then with only three minutes nineteen seconds left, the champions we knew made a miraculous comeback.  We stood up and yelled and waved our scarves and high-fived like every other 12th Man in the country, incredulous as we watched the Seahawks win in overtime. 

I am out of breath just thinking about it.

With the glow of victory still on our faces and our tummies full of hummus and chocolate, we headed back into town for fireworks and dinner at a great spot for fresh stir-fry.



By now it had warmed up and rain was falling but it didn’t dampen the beauty one bit! 

Here are the six of us:


I actually cropped that one.  I love how the kind person who took this for us included my wheelchair in the original. 

It was a part of our group this weekend.

Great people.  Wonderful memories.


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