Thursday, January 29, 2015

On my nightstand

I have three books to share this month – very different but I enjoyed them all!

Sensible Shoes by Sharon Brown
For me, this is one of those books that I read at just the right time.  If I had picked this one up when I was in a different place in my relationship with Christ I may not have finished it.  Four very different women rather reluctantly go to a spiritual retreat center and begin dealing with some of their brokenness (perfectionism, performance, bitterness, rejection, pride, shame) with the help of several spiritual disciplines.  I was surprised to find myself relating to each of the four fictional characters in some way and was drawn to the ways God used prayer, the Word and the Spirit to speak to their hearts.  I plan to spend some time looking into several of these spiritual formation practices. 

Not coincidentally - because God isn’t coincidental at all! – we got this new book:

Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God by Timothy Keller
I so want intimacy with God.  I want to know Him and be close to Him.  I want to understand prayer for what it is, not as a duty or a way to see answers or as a means to an end.  I will be reading this one slowly and asking God to help give me a breakthrough in prayer.

Spiritual Misfit_cvr_all_r1.indd
Spiritual Misfit by Michelle DeRusha
Such honesty here!  Michelle writes of her own journey to faith, saying what we’ve probably all thought but wouldn’t ever voice.  She is an openly honest doubter.  And very funny.  I enjoyed her story a lot.

What are you reading?  Won't you leave a comment and tell us?

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Tilly said...

The Hardest Peace, by Kara Tipperts about her journey with terminal cancer and finding Gods joy & peace in the midst of this. One of my closest friends is going thru this also, so this has been a timely read right now for me.

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