Friday, February 28, 2014

10 Things I Learned in February

1.  The older old friendships get, the more comfortable and enjoyable they become.  I had a Jubilee weekend here in Portland with my two oldest and dearest friends.  Thank you, K and Lee, for another wonderful time together!  I love you!

2.  I am missing the back of my lower molars when brushing.  Fixing this requires a few more calisthenics than I’m used to at the sink.  Be sure you aren’t missing yours.

3.  I am also missing something else.  Apparently, I need to remember to wear my glasses when cleaning the bathroom.  I ‘accidentally’ wore them in there right after cleaning and was APPALLED at the hair and dust still on the counter.  Now I wonder how many times people have gone in my bathroom and gasped.

4.  We should NEVER assume we know what other people are thinking.  This is what Paul calls ‘vain imaginations’ (2 Cor 10:5) and it is a waste of time and it is sin.  This month I’ve been proven completely wrong several times when I thought I knew what someone was probably thinking about me. 

5.  God introduced me to someone completely out of my ‘normal’ sphere of relationships.  I get to spend time with Anita, a wonderful young woman from Bhutan who loves Christ in the most simple, powerful way.  I need her perspective.  I’m already challenged to think about life differently because of her faith.  I LOVE that.

6.  In Bhutan, the church has been ‘underground’ until just very recently.  It is still illegal to build a Christian place of worship or to promote conversion from Buddhism to Christianity.  Yet many people are hearing the gospel and making Christ their Lord through the faithful witness of believers there, often after witnessing miraculous healings.

free coffee ladies
7.  I love having coffee with people.  {Technically, this isn’t something I learned in February but something I was reminded of many times this month.}  I gave my blog this name because meeting people for coffee has always been my favorite way of connecting with friends, old and new.

8.  I need to ask my brother to meet me for coffee more often.  He is a good guy.

9.  People don’t generally meet for coffee in Bhutan.  Anita may have wondered why we were getting coffee.  You see, she wasn’t thirsty.

10.  My favorite person to have coffee with is my husband.  {I didn’t just learn this either but now you have.}  We love to go to Elephant’s Deli in NW Portland and have Stumptown Hairbender coffee.  We just recently went for a very belated Valentine date.  With a giant peanut butter cookie and a chocolate croissant.

I’m linking up with Emily for her monthly “Things I Learned” party.


Sarah Pinault said...

I'd have coffee with you, but I live in Portland Maine!

BeckyB said...

Sarah - I'd love that!!

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