Monday, February 3, 2014

Some Links I Liked

These photos just floored me.  Take your time, please.

The gray days do come, but we have a God who rescues and heals, encourages and protects.

A man drove a stretch of highway past this tattered cardboard sign that read: “Honk if you’re happy.” And who doesn’t roll his eyes at such naivete?  
You need to read this post!

@Christianity Today
I love seeing what the body of Christ is doing in our city!

@Bake at 350
Cookies?  Really?  These are too much!  Only I know I could never have passed a note like this when I was in junior high.  Never.

@Joel C Rosenberg
As Christians, we know the Lord is sovereign — and this sovereign God commands us in the Scriptures to pray for our leaders.

This was written for me.

@Boo Mama
I think that during the first four or five years that we were married, I would have taken great offense to the fact that D didn’t react or respond to that whole situation exactly like I did. Now, of course, I can recognize that it was because I’d convinced myself that we needed to be essentially the same person, and I cried MANY A TEAR in those early years because we didn’t see everything the exact same way.

Loved this post on marriage… and can’t wait to get this book too.  Have you read Melanie’s first one?  How about Sophie’s?  I loved them both!

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