Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Ps33-4 HaveACupWithMe

Maybe you need to remember this is true today like I do. 

At the very moment we’re staring at difficulty, disappointment, weakness, still unanswered prayer… right in the midst of it before anything changes, we can trust what God is doing.  Because He is doing something! 

Lord, You will do what You’ve said You will do.  Every. Single. Time.  There is not one situation I face that You are not at work in, making it conform to Your plans. 

I can be 100% confident in Your power and Your wisdom and Your goodness because You are absolutely trustworthy.   Your promises are firm, steadfast and solid when nothing else is.

I am trusting You today. 

1 comment:

Nancy Espinoza said...

I am praying for you by name. God knows the situation. Love, Nancy

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