Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Links I Liked

Map: How Much Snow It Typically Takes to Cancel School in the U.S.
Before this map gives Midwesterners a superiority complex, it's worth remembering: School closures say more about an area's infrastructure than the toughness of its citizens.

To the Ticket Agent at the Delta Counter
@huff post parents
Forgiveness is a gift of love, an act of beauty that benefits not only the person being asked by way of reconciliation, but also the person requesting it, by way of redemption.

I Just Might Have the Answer to All Your Problems
Could it be that the cure for some of our problems is serving someone who has more problems than we do?

20 People Who Tried Things On Pinterest and Totally NAILED IT
The people were trying for the type of food perfection you see on Pinterest or Tumblr, and although they WERE NOT EVEN CLOSE to getting it right, they did their best.

Charger On The Seat
I’m pretty sure this is still in the design phase for use on public transportation.  I love the description – an obvious but characteristically rough translation from Korean:  Seat Belt is Save and Need!!!

Your husband doesn’t have to earn your respect
Great perspective and a good reminder for wives like me.

And can we ever get enough stories that remind us there are some really great folks out there?  Sometimes they are hiding behind a tough exterior!

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