Sunday, February 16, 2014

On my nightstand

If you haven’t yet visited the “I Am Second” website, you’ll want to set aside some time to watch the videos posted there.  This movement is about putting God and then others ahead of yourself.  The book is wonderful… full of the personal stories of how a whole variety of people, famous and otherwise, came to the saving realization that God is first.  They had to face up to pride,brokenness and total inability to make life work on their own. I was really encouraged by these stories of transformation and hope in Christ.  Although I’m a library girl, this is a book I’d like to have to give away.

fables of fortune
I heard about this book via Shaun Groves’ blog… his description plus a few quotes intrigued me.  The subtitle is “What rich people have that you don’t want.”  It’s a fascinating look at the high cost of wealth in terms of relationships.  Another book I’d like to own.

I’ve only just started this one but it’s an interesting idea.  Have you heard of the Happy Wives Club?  It was started by a woman who was tired of hearing so much negativity about marriage and thought she would search for women all over the world who are happily married.  Because I am very happily married and love hearing about others who are, I am curious to know what she discovered. 

This isn’t a book but it IS on my nightstand.  I got a new alarm clock for Christmas.  The display, even on the dimmest setting, is so bright that it’s like having a computer monitor on my nightstand.  I love the clock because I can use it as a speaker/charger for my ipod but I had to do something about that glare.  For a while I covered the whole clock with a pair of black tights (classy!).  Then I got what I think is a brilliant idea… I ordered a vinyl sunshade (originally intended for use in the car to keep baby from squinting) and cut a square just the right size to fit over the display on the clock.  Then I cut another one to put on top of that.  And because it came in a two-pack, Hadley won’t have to wear sunglasses in the car this summer!  

What’s on your nightstand?

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