Monday, November 19, 2012

An upside-down Christmas

I have loved everything about the Advent Conspiracy since I first heard about it.  The basic concept is really simple...

Worship fully

Spend less

Give more

Love all

I know we can't make everyone in our extended families do these things. And to be really honest, a few years ago if someone had tried to tell me to change the way I celebrate Christmas (especially the spending less part) I probably would have smiled and went right ahead buying whatever I wanted to buy so my kids would have lots of fun stuff under the tree. It's not that we ever went way overboard (oh - unless you compare it to what someone gets for Christmas in Ethiopia).  Deep down I didn't want my kids to be disappointed.

Disappointed?  I can think of a few other things I don't want my kids to be more than being disappointed.   

The thing I love about the AC model is the focus on Christ and on giving in worship, in presence and in loving others.  That's what I want this season to be about in my life.

Lord, show me how to make these things my priority!  Show me who. Show me where.


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