Saturday, November 17, 2012

He likes thin crust; I like thick

28 turq

I wonder why I get to be married to my best friend and love.  I think it’s because God knew we would be better together.   

I am more selfish than Jeff is. 
I spend more than he does. 
He is nicer than I am. 

Honeymoon 1
Us on our honeymoon - love that 80's big hair!

I can still hear the song that was sung at our wedding (anyone remember Leon Patillo?) 

You are flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone
There's no one closer
You are flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone
We are one

I do pledge my life to you forever and always
I will take good care of you and shower you with praise

The storms of life can blow and blow
But they won't knock me down
We'll stand the test
The test of time
Cause we stand on Holy ground.

I do give my life to you, today and everyday
I will stand right by your side whatever comes our way

It really is an incomprehensible thing that God makes two people one.  I still don't really get it but I have experienced it.  Only God could do it.

We are celebrating 28 years of God’s faithfulness in our marriage, family and ministry.  Years of making daily mistakes and discovering how to humble ourselves to admit them.  Years of choosing to love and serve and forgive each other even and especially when we didn't feel like it.  Years of finding out how wise and good God has been in making us one.
We were talking the other day and saying how much we love our marriage.  We laugh a lot together.  We pray together because we need it so much.  We’re very different from each other in a million ways (pizza being just one) but so alike in the ones that matter most.
The verse He gave us for our wedding is Isaiah 25:1

O Lord, You are my God;
I will exalt You and praise Your name,
for in perfect faithfulness
You have done marvelous things,
things planned long ago.

Honeymoon 012

Happy Anniversary my love!  I am so thankful for you.

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