Monday, November 5, 2012

Phone photos

I found these on my phone:

This truck/mobile billboard/hippie RV has been all over town in the last couple of weeks.  We were one of three or four people who were taking pictures of it with their phones.
Reminds me of something we would have seen in the 60’s!

This was taken in the hallway of the ‘institution’ where my dad lives.  Some people go all out decorating for a holiday.  I love that this lady leaves her welcome mat out all year round.  She just repositions it after Christmas so it says “OH OH OH.”  Ingenious!

I’ve been meeting people often lately at P*nera. 
Looks like I may have tried a pumpkin spice bagel!

Here I was being very sneaky with my camera phone.  I snapped this blurry pic of a cute couple having coffee and a snack.  After they sat down, they simultaneously put on head phones/ear buds and settled in to listen to ??   I wanted so badly to ask – What are you listening to?  Is it the same as the other one is hearing?  Do you do this every Tuesday? 

Here’s a bad photo of an October snack I made with my nieces – no bake peanut butter pumpkins with chocolate chip stems!

And speaking of nieces, I need to leave to pick them up from school.  They’re staying with us for a few days.  I get to put on my ‘mom’ cap again – woo hoo!!

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