Friday, November 2, 2012

Links I Liked

A Dozen of the Worst-Ever 'Afters' of Home-Decorating TV
I actually remember a couple of these!
If Hildy was your designer on Trading Spaces you were in trouble!
And in an unrelated sidenote, one of the designers on Extreme Home Makeover used to walk his dog past our house in Palm Springs.  I always wanted to invite him inside in hopes that he'd take one look and bring his crew over but I couldn't think of a good excuse.
Don't you always wonder how she tied her scarf to look so cool?
Now you'll know!

33 Meticulous Cleaning Tips for the OCD Person Inside You
I know there are millions of good cleaning tips available on Pinterest but this post had some new ones.  Like... have you been cleaning your old paintings with a bagel cut in half?

We'll end with a video to relieve some of your campaign ad fatigue...
Here is Kid President:

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