Thursday, November 15, 2012

Flowers in the house


I love to have fresh flowers inside, don’t you?  In most seasons, there are plenty to cut in our yard and for that I am so grateful.  But in the winter months the yard doesn’t yield much of anything in the way of blooms so I have to get creative if I don’t want to buy them at the store (although Tr*der Joes is always a wonderful source of affordable cut flowers).

I buy Paperwhite bulbs every November and plant them in a tall glass vase, using the ‘soil’ that often comes with the bulbs.  You can also set them on a clump of rocks or pebbles – no dirt required!  The reason I use a tall vase it because they become pretty tall and top-heavy.  The sides of the vase help to hold up the stems.  These can also be planted in a lower container but you’ll probably have to make a way to support the stems.

You can crowd the bulbs for a better display!  Place the bulbs tips up and moisten the soil.  Place the container in a sunny window and remember not to let the soil dry out completely. 

Blurry pic of when I planted mine

You can almost see these stems grow!

Then you’ll see buds forming (so exciting!)…


And in ~4 weeks you’ll have beautiful Narcissus papyraceus (papyrus is Latin for paper and aceus is ‘like’ - get it?).  Bulbs planted closer to Christmas will bloom in only 2-3 weeks so I’ll be planting another batch in early December.  The smell is heavenly and fills the room they’re in.


You can buy these in most variety and grocery stores at this time of year.  They often come with a pot (which I don’t use) and a ‘pod’ of soil that you add water to.

You’ll love having these beauties in your house!

Here is a much more comprehensive and beautiful post about forcing Paperwhites at Christmas.

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